On me // SHIRT : House of Holland. SHOES : Marc Jacobs Vintage. BELT : Louis Vuitton vintage. SKIRT : Miss Selfridge.
On Nat // TOP : Bitching and Junkfood from Topshop. SHOES : Topshop. SKIRT : unknown. BAG : Rebecca Minkoff.




You just crossed the line

Today I'm introducing a fresh online platform that promotes and sells products from up and coming fashion designers in Asia. They are : Cross the Line.

Plate Movement dress and skirt

At first it reminded me a bit of EDIT. However the more I dug into their site, the more I realized,  Cross the Line doesn't only focus on selling us quick, unique fashionable items. Their interest is to also educate consumers about the thought behind the clothes by showing the link between their beautiful inspiration layouts with the selection of the designers products. It's executed beautifully, take a look at their site.

Left to right : Sketcharound top, and Blind by JW top

Sketcharound Jacket and Skirt

Prior to being introduced to the platform, I had only heard of 2 of the 10 designers' brands they stocked. Glush and Sketcharound. Two quirky design houses that ooze a fun take on simple things nearly everybody owns.

112 MOUNTAINYAM Skirt and Dress

Cross the Line welcomes all artists, bloggers, and designers to collaborate with them. So if you're feelin' their vibe...go to their website, buy their stuff, or hit them up! Honestly it's really worth it, I'm excited for their future.





SHIRT : Les Artists
SHORTS : Henry Holland for Debenhams
SHOES : Groupon Hk (Dad's)
SOCKS : Monki
HAT : I have no idea, had it when I was a toddler

It's strange how these hats have suddenly become such a hit. I still remember them as hats I'd hate to wear as a toddler. My grandparents always told me the story about whenever they attempted to put a hat on me as a toddler. They said I'd always end up throwing it onto the ground just to annoy them. Apparently it made me smile. I was a real sassy baby, and I guess I still am in some ways.