Back in Zone 2

My Outfit : Les artists "Margiela" shirt from Colette / Vintage leather jacket / Vintage cartier bag / Altuzarra for Target trousers / Rick Owens for Adidas shoes / Classic Ray Bans.

Mele E Pere - Great restaurant for a calm ambience, and filling dinner with a heavy set meal. The highlight was the salami + gnocchi starter and the taste of the pasta. It was freshly made!
Note: Please check out Anthony's photography (site written in card next to coffee). I've known him for years and he captures brilliant shots of people and nature.

Bicester Village
My Outfit : Henry Holland for Debenhams jacket / East end thrift store dress / Rick Owens x Adidas shoes / Ray Bans / Vintage Cartier bag.

Fashion's Night Out

My Outfit : My Aunt's vintage Vivienne Westwood shirt / DIY red velvet skirt / Rick Owens x Adidas shoes

Photos taken by either Conrad or Natalie

Hey all. I arrived in London last sunday and am currently just hanging out, getting ready for my second year at London College of Fashion. I'm especially exciting for this year, because my sister Natalie will join me too, and I'm about to start my course: Creative Direction for Fashion in a few weeks. In the meantime, I've been shopping in Bicester Village, Costco and Ragged Priest online, walked around parks in West London, popping into my favourite cafe, "Bouchon Fourchette" (pictures 2 and 19), and attended Vogue's Fashion's night Out (VFNO)!

VFNO was everything me and my sister could ever dream of. Half price on all and other stories shoes (didn't bother waiting though), free manicures, talking to Channel 4, chatting with Henry Holland, and unexpectedly meeting the gorgeous fashion blogger; Pretty Sickly! As if that wasn't enough.. On our way to dinner, we bumped into the lovely Jim Chapman. He was the nicest person on earth, which completely made our night fulfilling.

Things I learnt that night:
-Mahiki Ice Lollies (they're cocktail lollies, pretty cool) are really cold and strong! After holding it for minutes I felt a burnt pain in my thumb. Taste wise it was really awesome. I would definitely buy these for parties (great for hot days) in replacement of alcohol!

-Jim Chapman is so so so tall. I didn't expect to look THAT SHORT next to him.

-The staff at Liberty London are so sweet. Be sure to pop in there, it has wonderful customer service.

-Henry Holland's collection was so fun and bright like his personality! Our friend spotted his boyfriend first ironically and somehow we ended up on henry's instagram. My favourite piece from the rack was the lipstick sweater. I would wear that to death during the cold times!

Question I had that night:
-Why was oxford circus station so busy on a tuesday? Was there a strike or was it FNO's effect?





On me // SHIRT : House of Holland. SHOES : Marc Jacobs Vintage. BELT : Louis Vuitton vintage. SKIRT : Miss Selfridge.
On Nat // TOP : Bitching and Junkfood from Topshop. SHOES : Topshop. SKIRT : unknown. BAG : Rebecca Minkoff.




You just crossed the line

Today I'm introducing a fresh online platform that promotes and sells products from up and coming fashion designers in Asia. They are : Cross the Line.

Plate Movement dress and skirt

At first it reminded me a bit of EDIT. However the more I dug into their site, the more I realized,  Cross the Line doesn't only focus on selling us quick, unique fashionable items. Their interest is to also educate consumers about the thought behind the clothes by showing the link between their beautiful inspiration layouts with the selection of the designers products. It's executed beautifully, take a look at their site.

Left to right : Sketcharound top, and Blind by JW top

Sketcharound Jacket and Skirt

Prior to being introduced to the platform, I had only heard of 2 of the 10 designers' brands they stocked. Glush and Sketcharound. Two quirky design houses that ooze a fun take on simple things nearly everybody owns.

112 MOUNTAINYAM Skirt and Dress

Cross the Line welcomes all artists, bloggers, and designers to collaborate with them. So if you're feelin' their vibe...go to their website, buy their stuff, or hit them up! Honestly it's really worth it, I'm excited for their future.