Things I learnt from FANCY

Ever since watching the music video I've been hooked on song FANCY, by Iggy Azalea ft Charlie XCX. Funny enough, I didn't even like the song when I first heard it, but it just grew on me, and I guess I like it now.

Anyway, here are just some things I felt like pointing out from the clueless inspired music video!

1) 2 ways to say "Whatever" without speaking.

2) 3 Ways to wear Plaid. Bam. Bam. BAM.


4) How to walk into a party with your friend (s).


6) What my next party outfits should be. Polka dot / Tartan / Hats / Mod-ish.

7) Hats are in fact alright indoors....in all shapes, sizes, and textures.

8) Match your folder/stationary with your outfit.

9) Iggy is Cher in the rap world. Stylish, bold, Sassy. It's the new classic reference. Makes sense!

10) There's always going to be that one girl who had her nose/face/something done.

11) You don't have to look tacky when wearing a brand logo print.

12) Best rappers alive: Nas, Eminem, Andre. Best rappers everrr: Tupac, Biggie Smalls.

13) That pink fluffy pen is a gaydar.

14) Again, Attitude. Oh! And how to perfectly mix colour and prints, 2 (or 3) ways. #90s

15) REVOLVE HAS THIS APP??? WHATTT, I need. I've been deleting revolve emails constantly but I think it's time to pay a visit to their site.

16) Russian Hats = Thanks for the effort. bleh.

17) Technology in the morning is great to help inspire the rest of your day! It's ok!

18) My next wish list for unif/lazy oaf/nasty gal, etc etc. The stylist did a great job!

19) How I should do sports.

Yuppp....this is what I should be wearing to my next sport thing.

20) Those clips in Iggy's hair are so handy when dancing in the club/wherever!!!!!

21) Her underboob = That crop top is too small for you!

22) Visors backwards are like the new versions of headbands! Whey!

Hope you found it fun/useful (?)





Today's post revolves around the much anticipated sunglasses that Shanghai Tang will launch later on May 15th in honour of their 20th anniversary. These unique sunglasses are inspired by the traditional chinese round frames, with a touch of modernity incorporating a strong straight brow look and mirrored lenses.

Armele Barbier (head menswear designer at Shanghai Tang) designed the glasses. Additionally, in order to make them "happen", the brand collaborated with awesome Aussie label AM Eyewear. 

There are 5 colour combinations with the lenses and frames as part of the variety in the collection. All glasses suitable for men and women (yay for unisex things!) enabling both sexes to look equally as good. Ultimately, given the collaboration, the design, and overall brand image, these sunglasses naturally exude the luxury and integrity to the new "China chic" style.

During the HK Fashion Bloggers: Style summit event, I was happy to be able to see and try on the actual sunglasses in reality. Take a look below...proof!

(Apologies for the low quality photo)

Left: Lovely blogger Krisha of the Manila Hongkie blog

If I were you, I'd want to get my hands on these sunglasses the minute they come out!






Top: Style Stalker
Skirt: House of Holland
Cape Jacket: [vintage] Renato Nucci Paris
Sunglasses: Moodlook Hk
Bag + Boots: Monki

"Photos Taken by Kabya S"

Hello, today I am being a rose amongst the grass of this natural place. 

Eggs benedict, english brekkie tea, vodkas, and great company sums up my Easter Sunday morning so far here in London. Oh! Not to mention the mediocre weather and my attempt to focus on creating a pitch for my project right now. How traditional, eh?

OMG. I just realized that my outfits these past few days have been contrasting the atmosphere around me! Yesterday with the black outfit on what was THE most perfect day, and today with the bright reds and fancy cape from France against the gloomy grey skies on the day Jesus resurrected. Uhhhh hellooo? Isn't today meant to be the most perfect day too because of that?? What a shame.