Shoes Pleasure and Pain Exhibition (AND BEYOND)

It was a name that couldn't have been more perfect. As I strolled past each shoe, every step reminded me of the pain I felt breaking into my fresh Chalayan x Adidas wedges and how great they looked when I first saw them.

Winners at the National Footwear awards
"One shoe can change your life". A relevant statement for the launch of the exhibition justified by meeting the legendary; Dato Jimmy Choo OBE. 


"Shoes Pleasure and Pain" is an exhibition with two floors showcasing 200 pairs of shoes from traditional to modern design, or Adidas to Manolos. Located next to the small gift store, the ground floor displayed all the shoes, and the top floor had short videos showing the process of creating beautiful shoes and obvious shoe related quotes. I liked the set design of the shoe boxes on the top floor, it was the only thing that drew me towards the video placed within it.

Although most shoes had an interesting story/history, I felt bored of the set, the layout. If you're a shoe lover killing time at the museum willing to spend £12 on seeing the shoes, go ahead. It's definitely more of an exhibition to admire shoes rather than to be intellectual about them. Shame that the museum bans sketching inside exhibitions, otherwise I'd be willing to spend the dough to be in there all day.

Now I remember why I didn't buy that yearly museum membership.




Summer Party vibes (for Paperless Post)

What to do in summer? Have a party.

Katie from Paperless has asked me to create a post submitting a summer part inspiration guide to those still finding a theme for their summer party. SO, here's some visual stimulation for my ideal crazy colourful doodle, diy party. Forget the plain all black and white neat looks for once. Summer's a time to blast out all your frustrations in the past, on fun. FUN. 

Still from A$AP Rocky's "L$D" mv
Discount Universe
Ferris wheel by Nicole Chui (me!)
Charlotte free by Terry Richardson
Namalee Bolle
Hattie Stewart

Mira Schendel

My ideal party for summer would include..

- Food that Jeremy Scott's debut Moschino collection had
- A section focused on doodling old magazines or un-used books (instead of fresh sketchbooks)
- A dress code wearing bold colourful/psychedelic outfits only with a bouncer shooing away the dull ones
-A great hip hop, reggae, rock mix playlist, with some Jamie xx. NO DAVID GUETTA, please.
- A braiding/temporary hair dye station 
- DIY section where you could re-work old jackets or denim (instead of basic white shirts) to get you ready for autumn.

I mean..those are just some of my favourite things.




Tampering with playlists: Lanyards

What does each lanyard actually say about your music vibes?

1. Blue Ivy Lanyard - You're electric, but know how and when to chill.

2. Charli Lanyard - You're an internet kid. Nobody is killing your cyber/heavenly vibe.

3. Red Hot Chilli Lanyard - You're intense, and energetic for sure.

4. Barbie Lanyard - You're still growing up, or still have a playful sassy side in you that'll never die!

5. Haze Lanyard - You only do wild stuff when you're on 1. Even without it you feel dazed and confused..always. You're definitely the best sister to the Barbie Lanyard.

6. Heathers Lanyard - Your life is basically like a dark comedy.

*disclaimer - all playlist ideas were stemmed from personal opinions. Some may have been thought of on an empty stomach..