From a workshop in uni last week. Styled Tom in a punk look, leaning slightly towards the fetish side of the punk subculture. I DIY'd all the chokers in the images since punk was all about that DIY life and shot this look in a rusty corner of the lecture room. I was imagining a punk musician waiting backstage before performing on stage.xxNicole


White Shirt Styling x Namalee Bolle workshop

During the workshop today, we were given time to style a white shirt in our own way. Though the closest thing I had to a plain white tee, was a cream v-neck cashmere shirt. My aim was to style the shirt in ways that showed it's beautiful natural folds and its sculptural quality. I also purposely positioned Tom in front of a projector projecting a random image of a studio and words, treating the shirt like a canvas. I think it was a unique decision to use the projector, at the end of the day it added a modern technological aspect to the shirt.





SHIRT : Vintage. TROUSERS : Altuzarra x Target. SHOES : Y-3. SUNGLASSES : Ray Ban. CHOKER : DIY.

(Photos by Nat, Edited by me)

Mondays just punched me straight in the boobs. The only thing saving me was covering them up in my old-school-style vintage button up. I'm just thankful that nothing spilt on it despite every negative thing that was thrown towards me that day because this top is somewhat precious to me. A year ago I styled it more times as a jacket, these days I like it as a top. It's different from all the fashions I see in the mass market for sure. CL's instagram post inspired me to show some red lips, which, I barely wear but might get back in the groove of it. Speaking of CL, I'm hoping her debut this year becomes a success, I'm hoping she ends up doing some sort of live rap battle too.