CSM BA Fashion Print/Knit show atmosphere in a blur

All designs above were by Han Kim, one of my personal favourites.
Taken on my film camera, unedited, unfocused.

Pre-Press Show

The print and knit show was colourful as expected, and had a lot of volume. From nails on garments to exposed bare bums, it was definitely a fast-paced interesting show worth waiting hours for. We ended up sitting behind the row of judges selecting the designers for the press show, who had a list of the designers where they annotated, circled, and highlighted names.

Witnessing fresh talent from this years' batch of graduates was cool, but observing others reactions (especially that front row) was fun too. Nat noticed that one of the judges took one photo out of the entire show, and it was of the model with an actual teddy bear knitted on his plain white outfit. It isn't pictured above, but it was the most simplistic (looking) abstract collection that actually ended up getting selected for the press show.




WEAVE: From magazine to invite

I've been selling my stuff on Etsy for nearly a year now, and so far it's been alright. Every year, Etsy holds "craft parties" near you, where people can sign up to organize or take part in doing all types of DIY projects with other etsy strangers who love creating. This year, the dates for all those 'parties' near me were when I was busy. It's all passed by now, so I decided to challenge myself by taking on this year's craft party theme; Paper Taking Shape.

The task was to show how many collages and/or paper cutting techniques can be done on a sheet. For this challenge I noticed I have tons of useless magazines occupying most of my desk space that I have a hard time just throwing away. Therefore, I chose to show you how I integrated leftover fashion magazines into the paper taking shape challenge.

1. Get a fashion magazine you don't need, scissors, pen, ruler, and glue.

2. Tear off 4 pages. (This magazine is A4)

3. Mark 2 cm dots across the landscape side of 2 pages then draw lines on those marks.

4. Cut them out

5. Grab the last sheet.

6. Layout the strips side by side and glue each end down.

7. Weave through using the remaining strips across the pasted ones. Over and Under.

8. You should end up with something like this:

So fold the excess towards the back of the sheet and glue 'em down.

9. Use around 3-4 of the remaining strips and start weaving on the existing weave diagonally. It's normal for it to be a bit bulky.

10. Repeat step 8 for the excess, then fold each side of the sheet about 2 inches towards the back. Press hard on them till the glue dries or place a heavy object (like i-D magazine) on top of it.

11. Take another sheet of paper, cut according to the shape of the weaved piece, and paste on the back to cover up all the ugly bits.

12. Paste another sheet whether it's a picture, blank sheet, or a poem onto the centre to make it look as though its got a border.

Then you're done! It should look like this.

They'd make dope cards and invites.



When fashion bled into film photography

a montage of my favourite (raw) captures using an olympus film camera of my different, daily fashion encounters. All unedited of course.

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