Pourquoi Non?

Photography: Runa Anzai

Wearing: Sunglasses by Moodlook HK. Sweater top by Monki. Skirt from Hong Kong. iPhone charger necklace made by me. Boots by Jeffrey Campbell.

Kicking off this post with a little french, subtly hinting the content for the upcoming post(s). In preparation for me and Nat's trip, I was determined to practice speaking .....basic, basic french. Ultimately, I found myself repeating, "Je veux un croissant si vous plais." Which translates to, "I would like a croissant please." 

Why not, perhaps it's a symbol of my eagerness to sit and experience the Parisian cafes (#parisiancafelyf). They look great whenever they appear on food shows, film and photography. Plus, the last time I went to Paris was when I was 8, so I didn't appreciate the city as much as I should've. It'll be an independent adventure this time round. I feel nervous yet excited!




Hip -bone- Slip

"Is it me, or does the trend of "baring the hip" look odd?"

This thought started when I saw Anja Rubik back at the Metropolitan Ball and further provoked by K Jenner's hip baring Fausto Pugisli stunt when she hosted the MMVAs. HA! I was right! (sorry after I typed Fausto's name here I immediately googled to see if the dress was made by him..and it was! KA CHINGGG!!). Like Rihanna's basically nude look or the original: Jlo versace look, these dresses have apparently been fuelling some sort of fashion controversy lately? Well, that might be a hyperbole, but hip baring clothes have definitely raised brows. Especially because of Kendall's I think.

It's a fashion thing you either love or hate. It seems as though it depends on who wears it. But honestly, baring the hip bone like what Kendall and Anja did didn't seem sexy at all. For Kendall, I didn't think it was a big deal at all, I was just annoyed that she didn't show the attitude to go with it. That's probably why she looked more elegant. If I was in her situation all I would think of is, "Oh shit, what if the wind makes the flop of fabric covering my vagina fly up and then the whole world realises what lies 'under there'."

Christ! You'd have to wear a seamless Borat suit underneath that?! Or one of those 90s hipster swimsuits! Ooh! Or a waistline thong, that seems logical enough i guess. But i'd still try for the seamless Borat suit for women if anyone stocks it (with lots of fashion tape). It's a brave move though. I salute them for looking so calm in such a vulnerable style of dress. Who knows, maybe I'll be sporting one at a future event? I'm always up for a challenge, but it's a 1 in a million chance I'll show my hip bone to the world. I don't even have the underwear for it right now.

Fuck. Naomi reigns all..I can say nothing more. I want that dress. I'll stop now.





Wearing // Sunglasses: Moodlook HK. Kimono "Cardi" + Skirt + Jewelry: Nicole Chui. Dress: Topshop. Shoes: Vintage Tod's.
Photos taken by Devika Kumar

Afternoon from London everyone! It's a lovely day yet again and summer is going great so far. Ever since my foundation year at LCF ended, I've honestly been catching up on sleep, making a lot of jewellery for my upcoming etsy store, planning my paris trip, and turning beautiful fabrics into clothing that I want to wear. I love the print on that fabric that I bought in Malaysia, it was originally meant to be a headscarf for women to wear in the mosque which women have to wear for modesty, and to show respect. I hope to channel that through this "modern" kimono piece I abruptly turned it into..